There is a world behind our own. A world of shadows, of old gods, and those beings who weave our Fate. This is the world manifested in the renowned photo project, The Sabbath, by Allan Spiers Photography. One of the most trusted tools to communicate with this world is the Tarot. This unique and captivating deck based on The Sabbath captures the potency and influence that walks around us unseen. During their creation our altars are lit and hymns and chants of evocation are recited. Their design evolves on its own as if guided by an unseen hand. Once complete we let the card speaks and match it to its suit, adding any specific elements such as disks, vessels, staffs, or blades. Whether you are a collector of Tarot, a diviner, or an appreciator of art, this deck will add an esoteric intrigue to any collection.


The Cards

  • 80 Full-Color Cards
  • High-quality soft matte lamination
  • Large tarot card format (88 x 126mm)
  • Matte red edges
  • The Sabbath Pentagram in red foil on back
  • Gold foil text in front and spot UV details of the elemental and astrological symbols.

The Devil's Arcana

The Devil’s Arcana is going to work with the deck in a few ways, by giving the reader the opportunity to switch out the Lucifer card, or to keep all three in the deck for some amazing revelations. To make this infernal triad two additional cards will be added to the deck, each being named after an incarnation of the Lord of Darkness. Lucifer, already included in the deck, along with Diabolus, and Satan. Each will be inscribed with the astrological symbol of Capricorn and carry the number XV. If all three cards show up in a reading it signifies that person carries “the Mark of the Beast” 666 (15: 1+5=6). This means that a person is anointed by the Lord of Darkness and is gifted in witchcraft and the occult. This will help the diviner identify fellow witches whether the person being read knows it or not.

When each card from the Devil’s Arcana shows up alone or in pairs they will have similar yet unique meanings based on each card. In summary Lucifer = Rebellion, Diabolus = Temptation, and Satan = Liberation. These are qualities found in all witches: rebellion against oppression, temptation of our absolute free will, and liberation from those things that seek to confine us. Our card for this position, typically called “The Devil” in most standard decks, is a card of empowerment, action to better our lives, and each specific card in The Devil’s Arcana answers what the person needs specifically to better their lives and rid themselves of negative influence giving a more in depth and personal reading.

The Compendium

  • A 200-page full-color hardcover guidebook
  • Contains meanings, descriptions, and interpretations
  • Unique spreads and spellwork

The Flip Box

  • High-quality soft matte lamination
  • The Sabbath Pentagram in red foil
  • Spot UV title on the inside

The Tarot Bag

  • Black velvet
  • Red lined
  • The Sabbath Pentagram in red
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The Sabbath Tarot Mat

Within many traditions of witchcraft a spiritual boundary is cast that separates the mundane world from that of the supernatural. This is often in the form of a circle, but can also be a consecrated altar, or for diviners, the reading mat. Readers who deal fortunes with The Sabbath Tarot can now lay the cards on this custom satin tarot mat exclusively for The Sabbath Tarot. It features the Sabbatic Pentagram that is perfectly sized to cast the Sabbatic Goat spread.


The Sabbath Pin

Let the curious seek you out as a witch who reads with The Sabbath Tarot by adorning yourself with this exclusive limited-edition 30mm pin. A limited number of pins will be produced and will be included with the deck for every Kickstarter backer!


The Sabbath 2019 Coin

Get a quick “Yes” or “No” during a reading to help answer questions adding an extra level to your prophecy.


The Sabbath 2020 Coin

Coming soon!


The Sabbath Lenormand Deck

(Coming in 2020)

To interpret the language of those beyond the veil we look toward our tools of divination gravitating to those that are simple to understand. Of the work of witches simplicity in execution is of great value. Marie Anne Lenormand, an occultist and cartomancer herself, summoned a truly unique and simple form of divination with her signature deck. The Sabbath Lenormand follows a long line of decks that evoke her simple yet effective system. Keeping with the theme of The Sabbath, this deck captures in stunning detail the power and potency of Lenormand’s oracle.

Get a sneak peek: The Sabbath Lenormand Deck

The Sabbath Oracle Deck

(Coming in 2021/2022)

The Cards of The Sabbath Tarot have been conjured, each whispering their prophecies. Now delve deeper into the Mysteries, pull forth hidden secrets to all matters past, present, and future! The Sabbath Oracle is the Second Sight for all diviners, lending to us the ancient powers of witchcraft, the unseen movers of the Cosmos. This deck is an extension and companion to The Sabbath Tarot which can be combined with or used alongside its predecessor. Take The Greater Arcana from The Sabbath Tarot and add it to The Sabbath Oracle to create The Greater Oracle, magnifying its power!

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La Baraja del Brujo

(Coming in 2020/2021)

La Baraja del Brujo is a journey that leads from the Mesa of Allan Spiers’ homeland of Peru, introducing the reader to all the prominent figures found within it, and then leads on a fascinating journey through Latin America harnessing the power of an eclectic pantheon of folk saints, spirits, and gods that are used in the witchcraft of South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. This deck celebrates the diversity of Latin American culture, and its power of inclusion.

Get a sneak peek: La Baraja del Brujo

La Baraja del Brujo (Edición de Neón)

(Coming in 2020/2021)

Capturing the spirit of Latin American witchcraft in the city, the La Baraja del Brujo is illuminated by the halo of neon lights that are found adorning the altars of witches in Lima, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, and beyond!

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